1. The butterfly effect

    The butterfly effect

  2. Snooks

    Met snooki yesterday on a job and she is actually very sweet and really pretty. She has lost a ton of weight and looks great in a size 4! One of the funniest people I have yet to meet

  3. Missoni for Target

    I’m way over excited about Missoni coming out with a line for target. The collection will be in stores on September 13, just in time for me to pick out my birthday gifts lol! They are bringing everything from home goods, to luggage and clothing. Can’t wait to be head to toe in zigzags.

  4. This is so me.

    This is so me.

  5. In love with the concept of androgyny

    In love with the concept of androgyny

  6. Savage Beauty

    I went to the McQueen exhibit today, could I be any later? It ended today. BUT, at least I made it there and I’m soooo glad I did because it was really amazing. I attempted to go yesterday with my aunt but we got into the city too late and the line was 5 hours long in the heat. I DONT THINK SO. So we just went walking and shopping and eating around soho for the day. Today we planned better and got up at 6:30. Yes, 6:30 am! and got into the city by 7:30. The line was still about 3 hours long by the time you actually get to enter the exhibit BUT if we would have gotten there just one hour later the line was already wrapping into the park. I’ve never seen something like that before. I wonder if half of those people even know who McQueen was before Kate Middleton wore his dress for her wedding or appreciated his work before he died. It’s a shame that artists have to die in order for their work to be appreciated and displayed like this. 

    Anyways, it was great I loved it!

  7. Beyonce in Italian Vogue

    Nothing like a good black and white series….gets me every time. 

  8. Dominican Republic Findings

    So this is about a week late but as soon as I got back from my vacation I immediately started working so I haven’t had a second to sit down and do anything for myself. 

    DR was amazing I had a great time and evertyhiing (outside from the hotel store scams) was extremely cheap. I’ve compiled a little collage of my purchases on the island.

    1. Earrings made out of some seed, original color not painted. ($2)

    2. Handmade leather handbag ($25)

    3. Handcut wood sculpture. Looks just like my logo on my website! Too perfect couldn’t let it go. ($60)

    4. Small wallet made out of banana leaves. ($3)

    5. 2 rings made of Larimar the stone of DR. The ring on the far right Larimar and Red Coral. (Both $35)

    6. Necklace made of seeds ($10)

    7. Homemade crystalized honey. Great for the skin and doing exfolition masks! ($5)

    8. Larimar bracelet and earrings (Both $50)

  9. "Suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?"
  10. My Website

    After a few sleepless nights I’m glad to say its all over. I am finally done with my website and I am super happy about it. Check it out and give me some feedback!


  11. Alexa Chung in Vogue Italia

    Gotta’ love this girl. She is beautiful and incredibly funny.

  12. In the life…

    In the life of a stylist.

    Model: OW!

    Stylist: Come on lets go.

    Model: It hurts.

    Stylist: Yeah I heard you, come on lets do this. 

  13. Latest Styling

    Last week my closest friend asked me to go with her on a shoot for a T-shirt line and do H/M/W styling. Of Course I did just for fun, but we actually got some great shots out of it. 

    Model: Juliette Fernandez

    Photographer: Daniel Cruz

    T-shirt design: www.dancruznyc.com

    HMW Stylist:Nina Esteves

  14. One of my greatest inspirations on photoshoots 

    One of my greatest inspirations on photoshoots 

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